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What can massage do for you?

Through the power of touch, you feel calmer and
more relaxed as your aches, pains and stress begin to
disappear. Your heart rate, respiration and blood
pressure begin to lower, enabling your body to relax
and have a proper rest.
This feeling of well-being can last for days. Upon
completion of your treatment you feel relaxed and
calm, soon followed by increased awareness and then
a feeling of rejuvenation and increased productivity!

Other benefits include:
• healthier sleep patterns • reduced anxiety
• increased circulation • improved mental state
• better flexibility •better joint mobility
• improved skin texture and appearance
• effective digestive processes
• eliminating toxins more readily
• increased immunity • and much more...

What is Reiki?

A Japanese-style hands-on energy healing where a
practitioner serves as an open channel for healing
universal energy to be transmitted to the client.
This healing energy goes wherever it is needed most
to release blocked energies, cleanse the body of
toxins and to create a state of balance and harmony
which promotes relaxation and healing. The practitioner's
intent is to support the healing process from
a conscious and compassionate state. Client feels a
sense of calm and wellness. Reiki is conveyed
through a light touch, on or above the client's
clothed body. Shoes can be removed for comfort.

What is Reflexology?

This ancient healing art dates back to 2300BC and is a
close cousin to acupuncture and zone therapy. It is a
holistic form of healing that treats the body, mind and
spirit. It is an integrative health science that does not
treat specific symptoms, but instead nurtures the body
back to homeostasis or “center” energetically. This
enables the body to begin the healing process and to
rid it of “dis-ease” of any sort.

Each part of your body is represented by an area of
your foot or hand. By reflexively massaging or
applying pressure to these certain areas, it’s possible
to remedy migraines, relieve sinus problems, digestive
issues, hormonal imbalances and many other imbalances.
Massaging and treating the whole foot addresses the
whole body and it’s systems and provides a sense of
wellbeing that is longlasting. Reflexology is applied to
the foot more customarily and does not require any other
undressing and traditionally does not utilize oils or lotion
except during the massage portion of the treatment.



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