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Our holistic approach to wellness is centered on treating the whole body, mind and spirit. The following services are to support you on your healing journey.


Therapeutic Massage

An individually selected variety of techniques is used to comfortably melt away painful tension areas while promoting total relaxation and tranquility.

Sports Massage

For the athlete or the weekend warrior in you.
Warm and stretch those tight muscles through a
selected combination of techniques that will provide increased flexibility and range of motion while giving your muscles a much needed rest.

Swedish Massage

Your busy hectic life is far away as your tensions and anxieties slowly melt under a lighter medley of techniques and strokes. Relax and revive as you mentally escape to tranquil places.


A whole body treatment, clothed or draped, that supports your healing journey by balancing your energy paths and healing the negative effects of our busy lifestyles.


Euphoria for tired hands and feet. Warm soaks,
moisturizing relaxing massage and focus on targeted points rejuvenate and restore your body and spirit. 

Blissful Buffet

Treat yourself to a treatment of your own design. Select any combination of treatments and the length of time that you want them to last.

Couple that with the following list of
“appetizers”, available for an additional $10:


Indulge your senses...surround yourself with essential oil of your choice

Hot Stone

Infuse your treatment with deep penetrating
warmth, relaxing even the tightest muscles


Shortened more focused treatment, creating a
perfect ending that honors both body and spirit

Let us know about any special health
circumstances. Upon request, we will also
provide ways that you can prolong the effects
of your treatments.

• 1 hour $70, 1/2 hour $40, 90 minute $110

Medical Billing now available
Medical Massage as Prescribed: $40 per unit

Now accepting Visa, MC, Discover & Amex

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